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Employee Wellness

Transforming Stress

An exciting body of research is emerging in health psychology that suggests stress can be challenging BUT it can also improve performance under pressure and even make us smarter, stronger, and more successful.  Recent studies in neuroscience and biopsychology propose that by reconnecting with the meaning of our work and understanding the evolved functions of stress resilience, we can reap the health benefits stress provides by transforming our perception and mindset.


Mental Fitness

Mindfulness is a method of mental training used by elite athletes, soldiers, and public safety officers that increases awareness and improves performance. Recent studies suggest mindfulness can prevent burnout and positively affect brain patterns underlying stress, anxiety and depression. This workshop brings together the latest research on trauma exposure and the neurological effects of chronic stress with simple, realistic remedies that can improve the quality of life and longevity of those who work in community corrections. 

Enhancing Resilience and Employee Wellness 
At the center of resilience is the ability to adapt and problem solve during stressful events, sustain a sense of meaning and purpose, and most importantly, grow and develop as a result of challenging experiences.  Self-awareness, coupled with a holistic approach to employee wellness, can help officers create a type of psychological body armor that protects them from the cumulative impact of traumatic stress and improves professional longevity.  

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