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Stress Management (SM)                        Train the Trainer (T4T)

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The criminal justice profession involves a high degree of exposure to crime and suffering. On a daily basis, staff members deal with a variety of people (inmates, probationers, victims, families, community members, etc.) who are experiencing difficult and challenging times. The trauma experienced by the clientele can have a contagious effect on the staff who are attempting to help, thereby resulting in secondary and vicarious trauma.


Educating employees regarding the impact of trauma exposure allows for anticipatory coping and normalization of stress reactions. Even more importantly, it increases the likelihood that staff members will identify early warning signs, which can minimize the impact, improve resilience, enhance healthy coping, and prevent the negative effects of cumulative stress. Addressing traumatic stress can positively impact the quality of work, job satisfaction, and overall well-being for those who work in human service professions.


Summary of Program: Our Stress Management (SM) Train the Trainer (T4T) program consists of a 3-day instructor training course, a 3-year license to use the SM curriculum (Power Points & professional materials), and access to coaching and consultation with KSL Research for the duration of the licensing period. Participants are provided with in-depth instruction on topic content and best practice strategies for training delivery.


What separates our SM T4T program from others is a focus on cutting edge research in the neurosciences and practical solutions that can promote a healthy work culture and improve self-care. The SM curriculum utilizes a balanced approach to addressing work stress by validating the personal costs while also valuing the resilience of the work force and their service to the community. 


Completion of a 3-day SM T4T workshop is required for all facilitators of the SM curriculum. Upon successful completion of the 3-day workshop and on-site certification, facilitators will be certified to conduct SM trainings to participants inside their designated organizations. 


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