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KSL Research, Training, & Consultation, LLC

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KSL Research, Training, & Consultation, LLC, is an organization dedicated to providing quality education and training to human service professionals based on empirical research. In addition to being well versed in the topics of organizational stress, trauma exposure, and employee wellness, KSL consultants have collected data from over 100 agencies throughout the United States and Canada. More than 7,000 professionals from various disciplines have participated in our trainings and provided valuable data and feedback that has guided course development.

What separates KSL training courses from others is a focus on cutting edge research in the neurosciences and practical solutions that can promote a healthy work culture and improve employee wellness. KSL strives to use a balanced approach in order to explore both the challenges and rewards of human service work. We believe it is the process of acknowledging and honoring the challenges of one's work that allows the meaning and rewards to naturally surface. When we avoid or stuff the uncomfortable parts, we often bury the benefits. As such, KSL consultants believe it is imperative that in addition to providing relevant information through training, we also offer validation, normalcy, and hope.


Please explore our website to learn more about the staff of KSL and the types of services we offer.


- First Responders

- Educators

- Medical Professionals

- Public Safety Officers

- Social Workers

- Mental Health Clinicians

- Judges & Attorneys

- Court Personnel

- Child Protection



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