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Training Costs:

On-site Training Costs:

  • Full-day training - $2,400 per training day + travel expenses
  • Half-day training (available only to agencies within Arizona) - $1,200 + travel expenses  


On-site Peer Support Team Training Costs:

  • 2-day team training = $4,800 + travel expenses
  • Peer Support manuals = $45 per participant (unless agency prints manuals) 


Stress Management/Traumatic Stress Management Train the Trainer Costs:

  • License (must be purchased by an agency prior to utlizing SM/TSM curriculum)
    • $4,000 - includes 3-year license to use SM/TSM curriculum (PowerPoint slides & professional materials) and access to instructor coaching & consultation for duration of license
  • Instructor Training (attendance and successful completion of one of the following events is required to become a certified instructor of the SM/TSM curriculum)
  • Arizona 3-day instructor workshop (includes training and instructor manual)
    • $1,000 per participant  
  • On-site 3-day instructor training  
    • $7,200 + travel expenses
    • $45.00 instructor manual per participant (unless agency prints manuals) 


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