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Manager and Executive Training

Managers and executives are not immune to the impact of traumatic stress. In fact, the exposure to traumatic material is often more concentrated with higher positions due to their necessitated involvement in complex and high-profile cases or events. In addition, managers are responsible for the safety and welfare of their workforce and must navigate between the demands of their superiors and the needs of staff.  


Some managers inherit toxic work environments marred by an atmosphere of mistrust (usually directed at upper management) and compounded by decades of unaddressed collective trauma. This training provides an evidence-based approach to dealing with organizational trauma, managerial stress, and offers supportive techniques to communicate and motivate staff after a traumatic event.  

  • Discuss managerial stress (i.e. isolation, speculation, personnel issues, disciplinary action, liability)
  • Outline signs and symptoms of trauma, chronic stress, and burnout in employees and colleagues 
  • Discuss best strategies for communicating and dealing with staff following a traumatic incident
  • Provide an overview of stress management interventions - how and when to implement
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